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Silicone Lipstick Mold

Product Details

Silicone Lipstick Machine

Item No.: LP-R02

Product: Lipstick

Accessory: Silicone Lipdstick Mold, Upper Mold, Mold Holder, Tube Holder, Case Fitter


1. Simple operation and easy maintenance
2. Low defective
3. Air required only
4. Suitable for sampling or small scale production
5. Specially designed for logo engrave lipstick, allow different lipstick design
6. Smoother lipstick surface

Option:12, 24 Cavity

Material: Aluminum

Power: Not Required

Dimension: 420 x 220 x 220

Net Weight: 8 KGs

Operator: 1

Output: Depends on Operator

Lead time: 30 Days

Packaging: Corrugated Paper Box

Guarantee: One year guaranteed under proper operation and maintenance.