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PD-SC3 / Powder Press Machine


Dimension: 1100 x 850 x 1020 mm

Net Weight: 600 KGs

Power: AC380V / 3 Phase / 50Hz

Consumption: 2.2 KW

Material: Stainless Steel

Press Cylinder: φ 125 x 200, Hydraulic

Working Pressure: 1-140 KG / cm 2

Operator: 1

Output: Base on the pans size

Lead time: 30 Days

Packaging: Fumigated Wooden Case

Guarantee: One year guaranteed under proper operation and maintenance.

Accessory: Powder Press Mold, Aluminum Pans, Press Cloth, Pattern Film

Product Details

1. Powder filling automatically, saving much more man powder and the volumn of the finished product is precise.

2. Finished product release automatically by air cylinder
3. With loosing air functions to keep hardness stably
4. Four shaft to support mould and keep it at the level.
5. Hydraulic cylinder press from bottom to top. Pressure and time of pressing could be set to get good quality
6. Normally choose two scales or three scales pressing to produce high oil powder
7. Any design on the surface could show clearly to enhance product value.
8. Bottom, Middle and Top moulds all set on the working stage. Each style only needs one mould. And easy to install the mould.
9. Pressed powder volume adjustable, do not need to change or fix the depth of mould.
10. Dust-Collection function could recycle left powder. The machine has lower pollution and noiseless.
11. Automatic powder cloth feeding, and the length could be adjusted.