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PD-SC2 / Powder Press Machine


Size: L1680*W760*H1500 mm

Material : SUS304 

Desktop Height: 970mm 

Net Weight: 550 KGs

Power: AC380V / 3 Phase / 60Hz 

Working Pressure: 0-140kg / cm2 

Max. Pressure: 200kg / cm2 

Hydraulic Cylinder: φ150*80 

Demolding Structure: demoulding of compound air cylinder 

Capacity: 3 Pressing / Min. 

Product Details

Designed specially for cosmetic powder.apply to powder cake and eye shadow etc. 

Convenience to fix molds and accuracy to fit molds raise fitting moulds efficiency. 

With automatic rolling cloth device which can save pressing mould time and increase production. 

To press powder downwards and upwards benefites air penetration and improvies cake's appearance. 

Pressing time and presurissing time can be adjucted in accordance with operation requirement. 

It ensures operators safety that both left and right buttons are pressed at the same time to start machine 

Manual to automatic mode is selected according to operater's need. 

PLC and text display make operation easy.